Michelle Levine

Academic Titles: 
BCMB Graduate Student (2014-2019)
NIH Kirschstein-NRSA (F31) Fellow

BA, Boston College, MA

Current: Clearview Consulting

Selected Publications:
Massive centriole production can occur in the absence of deuterosomes in multiciliated cells. Mercey, O.*, Levine, M.S.*, LoMastro, G., Rostaing, P., Brotslaw, E., Gomez, V., Kumar, A., Spassky, N., Mitchell, B.J., Meunier, A.* and Holland, A.J.* Nature Cell Biology 21: 1544-52. (2019). *equal contribution Trends in Cell Biology Preiew  Hopkins News Release  Science Daily   News 18  Popular Mechanics Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News [ link ] [ pdf ]
The impact of mitotic errors on cell proliferation and tumorigenesis. Levine, M.S., and Holland, A.J. Genes and Development 32(9-10): 620-38. (2018). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Cell cycle proteins moonlight in multiciliogenesis. Levine, M.S., and Holland, A.J. Science 358(6364): 716-8. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Centrosome amplification is sufficient to promote spontaneous tumorigenesis in mammals. Levine, M.S., Bakker, B., Boeckx, B., Moyett, J., Lu, J., Vitre, B., Spierings, D.C., Lansdorp, P.M., Cleveland, D.W., Lambrechts, D., Foijer, F. and Holland, A.J. Developmental Cell 40(3): 313-22. (2017). Preview     Nature Reviews Highlight     Hopkins News Release     Science Daily   The Scientist   Best of Dev Cell 2017 [ link ] [ pdf ]
Polo-like kinase 4 shapes up. Levine M.S., Holland A.J. Structure 22(8):1071-3. (2014) [ link ] [ pdf ]