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Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

725 N. Wolfe St.

PCTB 702A/704

Baltimore, MD 21205

Joining the Lab

We are currently looking for students, postdocs and research assistants with an interest in cell biology, biochemistry, medicine, genetics and cancer biology. We also welcome those with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, and physics who are interested in applying their expertise to biological systems. 


Post-doctoral candidates are encouraged to contact Andrew directly via e-mail to inquire about post-doctoral positions. The Laboratory is most interested in candidates with expertise in cell-biology, microscopy, biochemistry & protein purification. Candidates with a background in using mouse models are also strongly encouraged to apply. All candidates must have a strong record of independent research.


Graduate students enter the lab through one of the graduate programs at Johns Hopkins. We are current members of the Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology (BCMB)Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM), and Human Genetics (HG) graduate programs.


BCMB, CMM, or HG graduate students should contact Andrew directly via e-mail to inquire about potential rotation projects.


Undergraduates who are interested in working in the lab should contact Andrew with a CV and summary of research interests. Ideally we expect a long-term commitment to a research project, typically two academic years. Usually undergraduates will be asked to volunteer for the first term and can then receive pay thereafter.

Requesting Reagents &

Shipping Policy

We will do our best to share any published reagents, pending availability. In addition, we are happy to share many unpublished reagents. Please feel free to pass on reagents you receive from our lab to other academic labs that may need them.


For those interested in obtaining reagents, please contact Andrew directly via e-mail with details of the reagent and the paper it was published in. We ask for the recipient cover the shipping cost, so please include your full shipping address including phone number and your FedEx account number. Due to an increase in the number of reagents being requested from our lab, we have decided to only ship via FedEx. All plasmids will be shipped in Eppendorf tubes at ambient temperature; Cell lines will be shipped in cryo-frozen vials on dry ice; Antibody aliquots will be shipped in Eppendorf tubes on dry ice. If FedEx does not ship dry ice packages to your country, alternative options will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Regarding our RPE1-Puro sensitive cell line (Lambrus et. al., JCB 2016), we have sent this cell line out to many labs and do not require an MTA; If you know of another lab that has or needs them, feel free to share.

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