Andrew Holland, PhD

Academic Titles: 
Associate Professor

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Department of Oncology, Cancer Biology Program


MA, University of Cambridge, UK

MRes, The University of Manchester, UK

PhD, The University of Manchester, UK

Selected Publications:
WBP11 is required for splicing the TUBGCP6 pre-mRNA to promote centriole duplication. Park, E., Scott, P.M., Clutario, K.M., Cassidy, K.B., Zhan, K., Gerber and Holland, A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 219(1). (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Massive centriole production can occur in the absence of deuterosomes in multiciliated cells. Mercey, O.*, Levine, M.S.*, LoMastro, G., Rostaing, P., Brotslaw, E., Gomez, V., Kumar, A., Spassky, N., Mitchell, B.J., Meunier, A.* and Holland, A.J.* Nature Cell Biology 21: 1544-52. (2019). *equal contribution Trends in Cell Biology Preiew  Hopkins News Release  Science Daily   News 18  Popular Mechanics Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News [ link ] [ pdf ]
High-resolution characterization of centriole distal appendage morphology and dynamics by correlative STORM and electron microscopy.  Bowler, M., Kong, D., Sun, S., Nanjundappa, R., Evans, L., Farmer, V., Holland, A.J., Mahjoub, M.R., Sui, H. and Loncarek, J. Nature Communications 10(1): 993. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
SFI1 promotes centriole duplication by recruiting USP9X to stabilize the microcephaly protein STIL. Kodani, A., Moyer, T., Chen, A., Holland, A., Walsh, C.A. and Reiter, J.F. Journal of Cell Biology 218(7): 2185-87. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
YAP and TAZ regulate cell volume.Perez-Gonzalez, N.A., Rochman, N.D., Yao, K., Tao, J., Le, M.T., Flanary, S., Sablich, L., Toler, B., Crentsil, E., Takaesu, F., Lambrus, B., Huang, J., Fu, V., Chengappa, P., Jones, T.M., Holland, A.J., An, S., Wirtz, D., Petrie, R.J., Guan, K.L. and Sun, S.X. Journal of Cell Biology 218(10): 3472-88. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
PLK4 promotes centriole duplication by phosphorylating STIL to link the procentriole to the microtubule wall. Moyer, T.C. and Holland, A.J. eLIFE 8: e46054. (2019). Biomedical Picture of the Day  [ link ] [ pdf ]
The emerging link between centrosome aberrations and metastasis. LoMastro, G.M. and Holland, A.J. Dev Cell  49(3): 325-31. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
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Autoamplification and competition drive symmetry breaking: Initiation of centriole duplication by the PLK4-STIL Network. Leda, M., Holland, A.J., and Goryachev, A.B. iScience 8: 222-35. (2018). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Global effects of DDX3 inhibition on cell cycle regulation identified by a combined phosphoproteomics and single cell tracking approach. Heerma van Voss, M.R. Kammers, K., Vesuna, F., Brilliant, J., Bergman, Y., Tantravedi, S., Wu, X., Cole, R.N., Holland, A., van Diest, P.J. and Raman, V. Translational Oncology 11(3): 755-63. (2018). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Applying the auxin-inducible degradation system for rapid protein depletion in mammalian cells. Lambrus, B.G., Moyer, T.C., and Holland, A.J. Methods in Cell Biol 358(6364): 716-8. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
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Once and only once: mechanisms of centriole duplication and their deregulation in disease. Nigg, E.A., Holland, A.J. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 19(5): 297-312. (2018). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Cell cycle proteins moonlight in multiciliogenesis. Levine, M.S., and Holland, A.J. Science 358(6364): 716-8. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
A new mode of mitotic surveillance. Lambrus, B.G. and Holland, A.J. Trends in Cell Biology 8924(17): 30014-4. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Centrosome amplification is sufficient to promote spontaneous tumorigenesis in mammals. Levine, M.S., Bakker, B., Boeckx, B., Moyett, J., Lu, J., Vitre, B., Spierings, D.C., Lansdorp, P.M., Cleveland, D.W., Lambrechts, D., Foijer, F. and Holland, A.J. Developmental Cell 40(3): 313-22. (2017). Preview     Nature Reviews Highlight     Hopkins News Release     Science Daily   The Scientist   Best of Dev Cell 2017 [ link ] [ pdf ]
A USP28-53BP1-p53-p21 signaling axis arrests growth following centrosome loss or prolonged mitosis. Lambrus, B.G., Daggubati, V., Uetake, Y., Scott, P.M., Clutario, K.M., Sluder, G., Holland, A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 214:143-153. (2016). Preview     Nature Reviews Highlight [ link ] [ pdf ]
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Generation of a conditional analog-sensitive kinase in human cells using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering. Moyer T.C., Holland A.J. Methods in Cell Biol 129:19-36. (2015). [ link ] [ pdf ]
p53 protects against genome instability following centriole duplication failure. Lambrus, B.G., Uetake, Y., Clutario K.M., Daggubati, V., Snyder, M., Sluder, G., Holland, A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 210(1), 63-77. (2015). Science Daily     Hopkins News Release     Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News [ link ] [ pdf ]
Binding of STIL to Plk4 activates kinase activity to promote centriole duplication. Moyer T.C., Clutario K.M., Lambrus B.G., Daggubati V., Holland A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 209(6), 863-78. (2015). JCB podcast [ link ] [ pdf ]
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Boveri revisited: chromosomal instability, aneuploidy and tumorigenesis. Holland, A.J., and Cleveland, D.W. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 10, 478-487. (2009). [ link ] [ pdf ]