Bram Lambrus

Academic Titles: 
BCMB Graduate Student (2014-2019)
Weintraub graduate student award

BS, University Of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL

Selected Publications:
YAP and TAZ regulate cell volume.Perez-Gonzalez, N.A., Rochman, N.D., Yao, K., Tao, J., Le, M.T., Flanary, S., Sablich, L., Toler, B., Crentsil, E., Takaesu, F., Lambrus, B., Huang, J., Fu, V., Chengappa, P., Jones, T.M., Holland, A.J., An, S., Wirtz, D., Petrie, R.J., Guan, K.L. and Sun, S.X. Journal of Cell Biology 218(10): 3472-88. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]
Applying the auxin-inducible degradation system for rapid protein depletion in mammalian cells. Lambrus, B.G., Moyer, T.C., and Holland, A.J. Methods in Cell Biol 358(6364): 716-8. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
A new mode of mitotic surveillance. Lambrus, B.G. and Holland, A.J. Trends in Cell Biology 8924(17): 30014-4. (2017). [ link ] [ pdf ]
A USP28-53BP1-p53-p21 signaling axis arrests growth following centrosome loss or prolonged mitosis. Lambrus, B.G., Daggubati, V., Uetake, Y., Scott, P.M., Clutario, K.M., Sluder, G., Holland, A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 214:143-153. (2016). Preview     Nature Reviews Highlight [ link ] [ pdf ]
p53 protects against genome instability following centriole duplication failure. Lambrus, B.G., Uetake, Y., Clutario K.M., Daggubati, V., Snyder, M., Sluder, G., Holland, A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 210(1), 63-77. (2015). Science Daily     Hopkins News Release     Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News [ link ] [ pdf ]
Binding of STIL to Plk4 activates kinase activity to promote centriole duplication. Moyer T.C., Clutario K.M., Lambrus B.G., Daggubati V., Holland A.J. Journal of Cell Biology 209(6), 863-78. (2015). JCB podcast [ link ] [ pdf ]