Gina LoMastro

Academic Titles: 
CMM Graduate Student
Position Title: 
CMM Graduate Student

BS, Cornell University, NY

Selected Publications:
Massive centriole production can occur in the absence of deuterosomes in multiciliated cells. Mercey, O.*, Levine, M.S.*, LoMastro, G., Rostaing, P., Brotslaw, E., Gomez, V., Kumar, A., Spassky, N., Mitchell, B.J., Meunier, A.* and Holland, A.J.* Nature Cell Biology 21: 1544-52. (2019). *equal contribution Trends in Cell Biology Preiew  Hopkins News Release  Science Daily   News 18  Popular Mechanics Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News [ link ] [ pdf ]
The emerging link between centrosome aberrations and metastasis. LoMastro, G.M. and Holland, A.J. Dev Cell  49(3): 325-31. (2019). [ link ] [ pdf ]